Wednesday, January 2, 2013

SPD Offers Pill Drop Box

Prescription drug abuse is one of the largest drug problems in the United States, far outpacing abuse of marijuana, cocaine, and other traditional drugs. But don’t think prescription drug abusers are turning to street dealers for their fix.

More than half of prescription drug addicts reported they got medications from their friends or relatives, a recent survey says. Among those who weren't given prescriptions, a third confessed to turning to crime to feed their habit – breaking into homes or cars to find items to sell, or to raid medicine cabinets.

Keeping unnecessary prescription pills in your home could put a target on your back. Rather than flushing your medications, the Sanford Police Department (SPD) offers a pill drop box that’s accessible around the clock.

Watch this informative PSA for more information:

Drop Box Details

The pill drop box is located in the department's entrance way, right after the first set of doors, at 225 E. Weatherspoon Street. Drop offs are completely anonymous. The SPD will dispose of the medications using EPA-approved methods.

Do this: Before you drop off your medication, make sure you put it in a container of some type, whether it’s a plastic bag, envelope, or pill bottle. If the bottle has your prescription on it, you are welcome to black out any identifying information.

Stay Safe & Responsible

You can store medications safely in your home. However, there's no reason to hold onto expired and unused medications.

The last thing you need is to become the target of a break-in or theft simply because you have medication in your home. Take advantage of our new drop box and help keep medication in responsible hands.

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