Monday, May 6, 2013

City Pledges To Kiss The Pig

The City of Sanford's Relay for Life team is working hard to reach its goal for this year's event. This year, ten City workers are putting their money where their mouths are with a Kiss the Pig contest.

As usual, Lee County's Relay for Life will be held at the Lions Club Fairgrounds on the second Friday in May (that's this Friday) starting at 6pm.

The following good sports have agreed to potentially kiss a pig to help make the night a success:
  • Charles Taylor (City Councilman)
  • Hal Hegwer, (City Manager)
  • David Von Canon (Golf)
  • Tim Shaw (General Services)
  • Vic Czar (Public Works) 
  • Bob Bridwell (Community Development)
  • Christy Pickens (HR)
  • Melissa Cardinali (Finance)
  • Jamie Thomas (PD) 
  • Dan Parker (Fire)

How Will It Work?

You can vote for one (or several) of the people listed above by dropping off a donation at the Police Department, the Public Works Service Center (601 N. Fifth Street), or the Municipal Golf Course (600 Golf Course Lane). Just drop your donation in the jar labelled with the person who you'd like to see kiss a pig.

The jars will also be out at the City's Relay tent on Friday night. Feel free to stop by and donate any amount. At this point, the top three contenders are: Charles Taylor, David Von Canon, and Tim Shaw -- but that could change by Friday!

The person who's jar holds the most money by the night of Relay will have to kiss a pig right there at the fairgrounds.

More information?

If you have questions about the City's Relay team or would like more information about this fundraiser, you can contact team co-chairs Magda Holloway at or Amanda Scott at

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