Friday, October 25, 2013

Raleigh Exec Jetport Reopens After 2 Months

The Raleigh Exec Jetport reopened this Thursday after a nearly two-month hiatus for runway construction and repaving.

County, City, and community leaders gathered to celebrate the reopening with a ribbon cutting. The renovated runway's surface can now hold 100,000 pounds -- up from 80,000 -- and will allow heavier planes to use the airport.

"I am just so proud of what Sanford has become and what it is going to be when everyone realizes what a great asset we have here," said L.I. "Poly" Cohen during the ceremony. Cohen is a member of the Sanford City Council and Airport Authority, as well as a pilot.

For a detailed recap of the ceremony and construction, read this article in Friday's The Sanford Herald.

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