Friday, December 20, 2013

Here's How To Prepare For Post-Christmas Trash Collection

Due to the City of Sanford's holiday schedule, residents' solid waste collection will be a little off for the next couple of weeks.

However, there are a couple steps you can take to make trash collection go more smoothly -- and to keep your curb looking nice.

Step 1: Rely on Recycling

You already know you can recycle shipping boxes, but your blue recycling cart can handle more than that. This year, make sure you also recycle your wrapping paper, tissue paper, and gift boxes. This will leave more room in your brown garbage cart for non-recyclables.

And remember: Don't bag anything that's headed for the recycling cart. Recyclables should be loose in the cart.

Step 2: Un-Trim the Tree

When you're ready to throw away your natural Christmas tree, make sure you strip it of all ornaments and other decorations. It should be completely bare before it leaves your home.

You can then place your bare tree at the curb. The City's limb truck will pick it up within a few days, and your tree will be used in our certified compost facility (versus dumped in a landfill).

Step 3: Be Patient

Due to the holidays, your trash, recycling, and leaf/limb collection will be off schedule. Please be patient and know that trucks will be there as soon as possible. You can expect schedules to get back to normal in early January.


If you have questions or concerns about pick up, call the Public Works Service Center at 919-775-8247.

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