Friday, March 14, 2014

Charlie Watson Lane Rededication Planned For Wednesday

When long-time local Sanfordians think about icons of downtown Sanford, they can't help but include Charlie Watson.

Watson sold and delivered newspapers for The Sanford Herald for more than 40 years. In a 1990 Herald article, Lydia Splitter, a teacher at West Lee (junior high school back then), explained:
To me, Charlie Watson was as much a part of the makings of downtown as the Railroad House and the old depot, to be downtown and not see Charlie, well, it kind of leaves a kind of void feeling.

Rededication & Revitalization

In 1988, Downtown Sanford dedicated the lane beside The Steele Pig to Watson and placed a plaque in honor -- but new plans will result in Charlie Watson Lane becoming more befitting of its namesake.

On Wednesday, March 19, city and community leaders are invited to the unveiling of Phase 1 of the new Charlie Watson Lane, featuring a special sign that also denotes Steele Street as an official Benjamin Moore Main Street.

This unveiling and rededication is the first step in turning the lane into a public space complete with landscaping and art, as rendered here:

You're Invited

Anyone who holds a special place for Charlie Watson and those who are excited to learn more about revitalization in Sanford are encouraged to come out for the unveiling.

When: Wednesday, March 19 at 10am.

Where: Charlie Watson Lane, located on Steele Street beside The Steele Pig.

What: See the new sign and hear from local leaders about revitalization plans.


For more information about Charlie Watson Lane, the Benjamin Moore Main Street Matters campaign, or downtown revitalization, contact David Montgomery at 919-777-1400.

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