Thursday, November 19, 2015

Roundabout Lighting Scheduled for Early December

The City of Sanford has contracted Duke Energy Progress to install 24 LED light poles along Hawkins Avenue to better illuminate Sanford’s new roundabouts.

Lights will be positioned both along the roadway and outside of the traffic circles, which were added by the North Carolina Department of Transportation earlier this year. No lights will be located inside the traffic circles.

Note: Click on the thumbnails above to view a larger photo of each roundabout.

Though NCDOT had no plans to install lighting, the City of Sanford recognized that the area needed more illumination. The City contracted Duke Energy to add the 24 poles in early November; however, inclement weather pushed the work to December.

Duke Energy anticipates that lights will be in place by the second week of December – barring unforeseen complications, such as inclement weather. Most importantly, lighting the roundabouts is in the works and will happen as soon as possible.

Despite the roundabouts being a state project, the City of Sanford has also added astroturf, bricks, colored concrete, and 48 redbud trees to beautify the area, which serves as an important entryway into Sanford.

For more information about the roundabouts or lighting, contact the Public Works department at 919-777-1122.


  1. Lights may make things somewhat better, but I still think it was a waste of money and is difficult to navigate. Poor planning...

  2. I have mostly friends that travel towards Sanford from Durham / Chapel Hill area and call this double circle "the devils circle". They refuse to drive through it and by pass it all together because of its crazy pattern. I don't believe it is seen as a positive impression on Sanford - but yet a poorly designed area of Sanford to avoid.