Friday, November 8, 2013

Sanford Launches Mural Arts Program

The vacant storefront located at 140 N. Steele Street is quietly becoming more beautiful, thanks to the City of Sanford's new Mural Arts Project.

The store's front window, which has been busted out numerous times, was boarded securely by the City's Appearance Commission. The Commission had already noted that boarded windows were a wonderful canvas for local artists' creativity. Therefore, the white board used for 140 N. Steele Street was the perfect place to start the mural program, says Commission member Liz Whitmore.

The Project's murals will be painted by local artists and are meant to reflect Sanford's history, Whitmore says. For this first mural at 140 N. Steele Street, Downtown Sanford donated the paint and artist Shirley Patterson is painting the mural.

Next: Local art student Katie Hancock will paint the next window mural. It will beautify 115 Moore Street.

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