Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Arbor Day Celebration

The City of Sanford will host its second Arbor Day Celebration this Friday at the City of Sanford Golf Course (10am) -- and you're invited!

The Arbor Day Celebration is sponsored by the City's Appearance Commission. As part of the event, Commission members will plant a Cornus Kousa (Latin name) commonly known as the Kousa dogwood or Japanese dogwood.

Other ways your company, group, or family can celebrate Arbor Day include:
  • Plant a tree on your property.
  • Identify and create a a map of large or unusual trees in your neighborhood.
  • Get out and enjoy our local parks.
  • Hold a recycling contest and award a tree to the person who recycles most.
You can learn more about Arbor Day and get more ideas for celebrations on the Arbor Day Foundation's website.

Friday, April 5, 2013

City Council Seeking Applicants For 10 Boards & Commissions

At the end of June, the Sanford City Council will make 26 appointments to 10 local boards and commissions. That means you have 26 of opportunities to serve your community.

Available Appointments

Take a look at the following list of appointments to determine which one best suits your skill set or expertise. If you aren't sure what a board or commission does or whether you're qualified, click on the board/commission for a detailed description.

Application Details

Each appointment is for a three-year term that will begin on July 1. Eligible applicants must be at least 18 years old and registered to vote in the City.

Applications are available from the City Clerk at the Sanford Municipal Center or on our website. You may also submit any written information you'd like the Council to consider, other than letters of reference or petitions on your behalf.

Your application must be on file by June 1.


Contact City Clerk Bonnie White at 919-777-1111 or for more information or for clarification.