Thursday, February 14, 2013

Social Spotlight: Police Officers & Security Services

Question: Can we hire a Sanford police officer to provide security at a party or other event? If so, how much does it cost?

Answer: Yes, the Sanford Police Department allows its officers to provide security services when they are not on duty.

The Details

Off-duty Sanford police officers are permitted to be in uniform, but they are not authorized to drive police department vehicles when conducting off-duty employment.

Police officers are not permitted to work at any events where alcohol will be consumed -- even if the event planners have secured permission for alcohol at the event.

Important: The Sanford Police Department is not involved in handling payment for security services. Rates and availability will be determined by the officer(s).

Make It Happen

Want an off-duty officer to provide security at your next event?

Do this: You must provide the Sanford Police Department with a Certificate of Insurance that covers both workers’ compensation and liability for the police officers you hire. “Officers Of The Sanford Police Department” must be on the certificate in the space provided as “Certificate Holder.” Most insurance companies will be familiar with the process, so your agent should be able to help you.

Once the Certificate of Insurance is prepared, you may fax it with a request for security services to the Sanford Police Department at 919-775-8278. An SPD representative will then work with you to fulfill the request.


If you run into trouble or need more information about the process, you may contact the Major of Field Operations at 919-777-1044.

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