Sunday, June 30, 2013

City Earns Gold & Silver For Safety

The City of Sanford brought home several awards from this year's Safety Awards Banquet, sponsored by the Sanford Area Chamber of Commerce and the NC Department of Labor.
Public Works Safety Officer Donna
Matthews with DOL Commissioner
Cherie Berry

About The Awards

The awards program is designed to stimulate interest in accident prevention and to promote workplace safety. Private and public firms from across the state are recognized with Annual Safety and Million-Hour awards.

To qualify for an annual safety award, an entity must have:

• had no fatalities during the calendar year at the site or location for which the award was given; and

• maintained an incidence rate at least 50 percent below the average for its particular industry group.

There are two categories for the annual awards: Gold and Silver. Gold is based on the Department of Labor's DART rate, which includes cases of days away from work, restricted activity or job transfer. The Silver Award is based only on cases with days away from work.

City of Sanford's Awards

Following are the awards won by the City of Sanford:
  • Gold Award, Eighteenth Consecutive Year - Beautification & Golf
  • Gold Award, Seventeenth Consecutive Year - Water Treatment Plant
  • Gold Award, Sixteenth Consecutive Year - Financial Services
  • Gold Award, Ninth Consecutive Year - Administration
  • Gold Award, Ninth Consecutive Year - Engineering 
  • Gold Award, Sixth Consecutive Year - Fire Department
  • Gold Award, Fourth Consecutive Year - Community Development
  • Gold Award, Third Consecutive Year - Big Buffalo Waster Water Treatment Plant
  • Silver Award, Second Consecutive Year - Public Works
Congratulations to these departments and all award winners for their hard work and dedication to safety.

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