Friday, August 9, 2013

Greenway Survey Follow Up

We had a question about our greenway survey over on Facebook and thought everyone would appreciate seeing the answer.

Survey Background

Our unpaid intern has been with us about a month and has been researching surveys, survey tools, and survey use. He has been on the Applebee's/Spring Lane Cinemas section of the Endor Iron Furnace Trail (greenway) every day this week implementing the survey he created from this research.

The greenway survey is a great opportunity for our intern, whose college major is Statistics, to get some hands-on experience in his field while also learning about local government.

Though his internship is unpaid, we feel the experience has been and will continue to be beneficial for both of us.

Survey Purpose & Goal

The purpose of the survey is to see how the greenway is currently being used, by what demographic, and at what times of the day. We'd also like to know what amenities users would like to see added, such as more benches, more trash cans, etc.

The goal for this survey is to ensure the greenway facility meets the needs of those who use it and to better understand any barriers to use so that we can help to remove them.

Our intern is specifically targeting areas around the greenway so that the City can get a better feel for how the existing facility is meeting users' needs.

Lee County Government's Parks and Rec department has already performed a large-scale survey of residents' needs and wants concerning recreational activity. That information is available from the county.

Results So Far

Our intern is collecting in-person and online responses to give respondents the opportunity to share their thoughts in the way that's most comfortable for them.

The survey is not limited to residents or active greenway users. We encourage everyone to share their thoughts and perspective.

At this point we have had 82 take the survey (76 online, 6 in person), have posted flyers around the greenway facility, and have handed out short-form surveys to 20 users on the greenway.

Next Steps

With that information, we do hope people will continue sharing their thoughts via the greenway survey. The link to do so is

If you have further questions about the survey, please feel free to comment here or on our Facebook page, or call 919-777-1133.

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