Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sanford PD Adds CSI Vehicle To Its Arsenal

Local crimes will be solved even more swiftly and efficiently thanks to the Sanford Police Department’s newest acquisition: a crime scene investigation (CSI) vehicle that acts as a mobile crime lab.

The CSI vehicle allows forensic specialists to collect and process evidence without ever leaving the scene of the crime. All the equipment necessary to evaluate and assess a crime can now be brought directly to the scene.

“This equipment allows the Sanford Police Department to process crime scenes quickly and efficiently,” explains Police Chief Ronnie Yarborough. “The vehicle gives us more ability to preserve the physical evidence that is crucial in making arrests and, ultimately, convictions,” he says.

“The City of Sanford’s top priority is resolving crimes and preventing them from happening again,” says City Manager Hal Hegwer. “Mayor Olive and the Sanford City Council’s investment in this cutting edge technology will help us get offenders behind bars more quickly,” he adds.

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